Boiler Servicing Billericay

A few savvy customers get their boiler serviced every year but most don't.

In today's article we will discuss the importance of servicing in modern boilers and how the costs can soon mount up if routine maintenance isn't carried out and more importantly carried out properly.

Boilers have come a long way in the last 15 years, their ability to keep you comfortable whilst burning much less gas is not only great for your pocket but also helps us in reducing the uk carbon footprint.

This efficiency comes at a price and that is in the complexity of these appliances, modern condensing boilers are not like boilers of old, chugging away for 30 odd years with just the occasional thermocouple being replaced. 

A by-product of a condensing boilers efficiency is the condensate it produces from it's flue gasses, most of the latent heat from these gasses are absorbed back into the boiler so as to extract as much energy as possible to help warm your house or provide hot water, the result being that the exiting flue gasses are much cooler and once released to atmosphere reach their dew point and condense back  in to water.

This excess water then travels back through the boiler and out to drain, this water however is slightly acidic and on boilers with aluminium heat exchangers it strips particles of the metal away.
​This in itself is not a problem as it has been designed in over the life of the boiler,  but if not cleared out periodically it can create problems with blocked condensate drains and cause water to back up into the heat exchanger, causing even more damage and what would have been an avoidable call out. 

An Ideal Isar completely blocked with
​aluminium oxides.

Other issues that can occur are combustion deposits building up within the heat exchanger and blocking flue ways, such as this Worcester Greenstar cdi which at just 6 years old was so congested that it dramatically reduced the customers hot water performance.
Before: Worcester Greenstar cdi build up of deposits in the heat exchanger.
After: The heat exchanger has been cleaned and serviced, restoring it's efficiency. 
The condition of the ignition electrodes is another serviceable item that can prevent a breakdown if looked after. The electrodes in the picture below were found to be warped and corroded and prevented the boiler from igniting gas, causing it lock out for safety.


These are just a few of the many things that will be checked during  a boiler service, along with a combustion analysis that will tell us how efficiently the boiler is burning and the ratio of gasses such as Co (carbon monoxide)  and Co2 it is producing, which have to be within set tolerances given by the boiler manufacturer.

Unfortunately servicing will not prevent your boiler from ever breaking down, there are many unserviceable components that can fail and will need replacing over the lifespan of the appliance, but what it will do is prevent your boiler from breakdown due to issues that are completely avoidable and adding more expense to your household bills, as well as ensuring it is burning and operating safely.

I hope this article arms you with some of the knowledge needed to ensure that when you do have a service from a Gas safe professional that it is carried out properly and efficiently.

Article written by Dean Robinson

Robinson Heating.